A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Introducing MOENA: an upcoming one-of-a-kind 4D adventure.

Planned Features

Fully four-dimensional — Movement in all four-dimensions simultaneously. Leading-edge experimental rendering techniques. Boundless generated 4D terrain.

Adventure / Action Puzzle / Mini RTS — Pilot a rover and explore, gather items, meet and interact with strange 4D creatures, help your team build a base.

Episodic release cycle — The game engine will be under continuous development, and a new title or expansion will be released when a corresponding feature is added to the engine.

Tech demo instructions

Downloading / installing

The tech demo should once the zip or tarball is decompressed. Look for "moena" or "moena.exe" depending on the platform. For the time being, the demo starts in windowed mode by default.

Movement basics

Just as there are three rotations in 3D — roll, pitch, and yaw — there are six ways to rotate in 4D. A complete chart of the rotations with terminology is included with the screenshots on this page. Two of these rotations — roll and tumble — are disabled for ground-based vehicles.

A chart with the basic movement keys is included in the splash screen for the demo. In general though, the numpad keys rotate around, and the spacebar and left control key move and brake. Basic joystick/gamepad support should be available, mouse support is planned for later.

Finding and collecting items

Viewing aspects — When you open the game you'll see the screen split into two different views. On the left is a vertical slice of the world, and on the right is a horizontal slice. These are called the conventional aspect and the horizontal aspect respectively.

Use the conventional aspect to get a sense of the slope and height of things relative to you. Use the horizontal aspect to navigate and get a sense of the direction of things on the surface of the planet.

Finder — At the bottom third of the in-game UI there are two instruments for keeping bearings and finding objects. On the left is a pitch-gauge that corresponds to the conventional aspect, and on the right there is a compass that corresponds to the horizontal aspect.

Overlayed with these gauges is a device that isolates important in-game objects, subtracting the terrain away similar to a radar. These instruments, collectively called the finder, use a "true 4D" voxel rendering technology. Both the left and the right aspects of the finder show the same information, just from a different angle.

To head towards an item, center it in both aspects of the finder, then move forward. The object will appear larger and larger in the view. Currently, there is only one type of object in the tech demo — red diamond-shaped objects called hypergems. When the gem is centered in the finder, it may appear in one or both of the primary views, if it's not behind a hill. At present, the gems are automatically picked up with the rover gets close enough.

System Requirements

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or higher / 64 bit Linux *
  • Graphics: 4GB Nvidia GTX 970 equivalent or better
  • RAM: 8GB

* macOS support planned, next gen PlayStation / Xbox support maybe


moena.zip 17 MB
moena.tar.gz 17 MB